The Eleven Commandments of Beauty

I. Thou shalt strive to be even more beautiful on the inside than thou art on the outside.

II. Thou shalt honor thy physical beauty, with plenty of self-respect and class.

III. Thou shalt always remember that grace and charm make your beauty, even more beautiful.

IV. Thou shalt not adulterate thy beauty by abusing thy body with illegal or dangerous substances or excessive use of alcohol.

V. Thou shalt not be envious of or covet the beauty of another beautiful woman because, although all beauty is not created equally, each one has a right to their day in the sun – to be admired.

VI. Thou shalt not steal from others the joy of respectfully admiring thy beauty

VII. Thou shalt not abuse the power or advantages that accrue to thee because of thy physical beauty.

VIII. Thou shalt not kill others with thy beauty by callously and recklessly breaking hearts.

IX. Thou shalt not diminish thy beauty by being crude, stupid or self-centered.

X. Thou shalt not forget that physical beauty grabs attention, but physical beauty alone does not keep it.

XI. Thou shalt live by the above Ten Commandments to avoid becoming ugly!

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