US Politics 101

Excerpts from the essence of a political speech:
My opponent wants to provide health insurance for all because she’s trying to put the funeral industry out of business.
My opponent wants to encourage children and adults to get more exercise and to eat healthier foods because she’s trying to put physicians out of business.
My opponent wants equal pay for women because want women to pay higher taxes too.
My opponent wants to forbid prayer in school because she does not want God to hear how poorly our children are being educated.
My opponent wants to spend more money on education so that the uneducated can be too smart for their own good.
My opponent wants to extend unemployment insurance because she wants insurance companies to increase your rates.
My opponent wants to raise the minimum wage because she wants to put welfare workers out of a job.
My opponent wants gay people to be able to marry each other because she wants divorce attorneys to have more clients.
My opponent wants the poor to have more food stamps so that they could eat more food and therefore have to go to the bathroom more which would help the toilet tissue industry.
My opponent wants to raise your taxes so that the poor can buy boots in order to pull themselves up by their bootstraps which means there will be fewer boots for your children.
My opponent wants to spend less money on the military and the war on terrorism so that there will be more money for the government to waste on regulations and legislations.
Even if my opponent agrees with me she does so because she wants to prove me wrong.
Moral of the speech? Even if a political opponent walked on water, she would be criticized as being too lazy to learn how to swim and if she raised the dead, she would be criticized for not letting them rest in peace.

Politicians often see their job as not to address the nuances of an issue with the intent on serving the citizenry but to paint their opponents as disingenuous or sinister so that they themselves can continue to serve their economic masters. It is this service to their economic masters that requires them to justify or rationalize their service thereby allowing the advantaged to continue to exploit the disadvantaged. Politicians often act as the conduit through which wealth and income can flow up from the less-than-rich to the uber rich. In order to do this, however, politicians must be elected. The rich provide the funding for election and the sheer intellectual inertness of enough of the electorate provides the votes. I say intellectual inertness because much of the reasoning of many politicians is as inane as the criticisms cited in the political speech above. Most politicians can say the most blatantly asinine things and enough of their sheep will believe them.

The rich are the bull and the politician shovel their shit; and the citizenry is left to step in it.

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