My Favorite 17 Things

A friend once asked me to compile a list of my favorite things and rather than create a list of the usual items such as my favorite color or movie, I decided to veer off from that well-beaten path. I decided to include in my list both the mundane and the not-so mundane. But before I agreed to do so, I asked myself why would I create such a list in the first place. My answer? I hypothesized that the odds of someone having the same favorite things as I would be small if there were at least seventeen things on the list [depending on what the specific items were, of course]. I figured that a list of seventeen things would set me apart from most if the list consisted of the other than usual. That which I do often or that happens often can be defined as “Favorite”. Thus, the following:
1] Favorite mistake: When people think I don’t know I’m being played.
2] Favorite lie: All my children will miss me when I die. [All but one have rejected me because I rejected their religion … I miss them and my grandchildren]
3] Favorite fantasy: I save my mother by deleting her husband.  [That’s one way I cope with having been used as unwitting bait to lure her to her murder … in front of me]
4] Favorite exercise: Learning the new, the newer and the newest
5] Favorite truth: That some truths are elusive and it is those truths that make their pursuit/capture the stuff of pure unadulterated bliss
6] Favorite five-letter word to hear: “Daddy” [especially when my baby girl calls me]
7] Favorite complexion: dark [I reject the notion that light or white skin is the sole standard of beauty … there is as much beauty in the night as there is in the day.]
8] Favorite Ice Cream: Hagen Daz Butter Pecan [especially without the pecans … then what would it be called?]
9] Favorite “God”: The one who is anti-religion, anti-spiritual … anti-worship, anti-prayer and anti-“holy” writings … the one to whom the only thing that matters is how humans treat each other and other life forms
10] Favorite cereal: Frosted Flakes [they don’t get soggy as quickly as their non-frosted counterpart and I don’t have to add sugar]
11] Favorite childhood memory: the summer my mother’s husband left for CA to prepare for our arrival in September [He was as useful as a piece of used toilet tissue]
12] Favorite body part: the brain [but only when it is in gear and with a full tank]
13] Favorite accessory:  Money [it has been known to be as important as oxygen]
14] Favorite time of day: When I am alone  [2nd Favorite time of day: When I am with someone that matters to me]
15] Favorite activity: Lamenting the nature of my powerlessness [If I had the power, I would impose love and respect for all — as I define them]
16] Favorite pain: Pondering why there is so much misery, grief and turmoil juxtaposed against the notion that humanity is here, on purpose as opposed to by chance
17] Favorite wish: To know what “God” knows about the why and how of EVERYTHING [why is there beauty, black holes, butterflies, roaches and orangoutangs… why do tigers hunt alone but lions in packs … what is consciousness or truth or the nature of space-time, gravity, etc. … and every damn thing else?]
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