Imagine a “God” who has nothing to do with our successes or our failures.

Imagine a “God” who does not want credit for catastrophes or blame for “miracles” (or even vice versa).

Imagine a “God” who does not need a Satan with whom to stand in contrast.

Imagine a “God” who does not need a “hell” with which to punish or a “heaven” with which to bribe.

Imagine a “God” who is something other than a “He” or a “She” (maybe an “It” or a “They” or something entirely different).

Imagine a “God” whose ego does not require or desire praise, adulation, sacrifice or worship from humans.

Imagine a “God” who does not need humans to kill or punish “in the name of God,” because if such a “God” wanted to kill or punish, It or They would do it without any help or participation from humans.

Imagine a “God” who does not believe in the Bible, the Koran, the Torah, the Book of Mormon, the Veda, the te Ching or any other book as being “holy” or “divinely inspired” but rejects them as the product of the human imagination and various contradictory interpretations.

Imagine a “God” who does not need prophets, priests, preachers, ministers, deacons, reverends, mullahs, monks, ayatollahs, elders, nuns, and so forth, to speak or teach the will of “God.”

Imagine a “God” for whom how humans treat each other is infinitely more important than whether people believe someone did or did not die for their sins, or whether a particular place or day is “holy,” or whether people should wear this and not that, et cetera, (the list extends much too far and wide).

In other words:

Imagine a “God” not made in the image of Humans.

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